The Team

Indira Kithsiri

Founder & Director

“It’s all about passion and faith”

This is the ground on which self-starter and changemaker Indira founded Sahana Sri Lanka in 2004. As India & South Asia’s Community Associate for the World Economic Forum and with a background in hospitality management, Indira employs her innovative and cross-sector approach to improve livelihood, increase educational opportunities and elevate standards of rural underprivileged children. For the past decade, multiple impact-oriented projects have been implemented across her native island of Sri Lanka. Indira hopes to fulfil her mission through the generosity of those who support her in this challenging and rewarding task that she has chosen to undertake. In this humanitarian pursuit, her faith and dedication never stop growing.

Indira holds a B.Sc. in International Hospitality Management from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, where she received the Social Responsibility Award in 2010. She also volunteers for Sentinelles Foundation and supports La Maison Chance Foundation in Vietnam.

“Throughout this fabulous journey, spurred on by solidarity and generosity, I have learned persistence, patience, humility which strengthened my humanitarian approach towards people in needs. My projects which are located at the heart of entrepreneurship, represents a genuine desire to find innovative and long term strategies, which will enable the children’s integration in an environment that promotes self-management along with economic and social developments.”

Pamela Hug


“Travelling is about sharing and caring”

Pamela is a traveller with a special kind of bug. Several times round the globe, she stops where her skills in human needs and relations can alleviate. Children always had her attention, so she has joined numerous orphans to aid those with special needs. These children are open-hearted, genuine and so eager to learn. When she is not on the field, she pursues her vocation as a full-time special needs teacher in the Swiss town of Romont and works side by side with Indira. For the past 10 years, Pamela has been the President of Sahana Sri Lanka.

Pamela holds a BA in Primary Education, Master in Pedagogie Curative, Enseignement Specialisé.

“My friendship with Indira and my desire to help those who need it, have naturally encouraged me to bring my support to the Sahana Sri Lanka Association. Two consecutive years spent in an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, as well as other experiences in disadvantaged countries, allowed me to know other cultures, to deal with property and to discover the richness of offering help and love to the most disadvantaged. 
Being trained as a school teacher, I am convinced that education of the smallest as well as their elder, is a key point towards the improvements of any society. I therefore bring my contribution as the president of Sahana Sri Lanka by helping Indira throughout the many activities and administrative tasks that allow the fulfilment of the various projects of association.”

Tharindu Vishwanath


“Life is not a single journey”

Graduated from Straffordshire University UK, Tharindu is a software engineer by profession and a journalist by passion. While studying in Sri Lanka he decided to volunteer for Sahana Sri Lanka, first as Project Coordinator and teacher to support Tsunami affected children. Today Tharindu is working closely with Indira as a Consultant. During leisure time he enjoys writing blogs and stories but also maintains a video channel on YouTube as a presenter and news reporter. Since 2012, Tharindu lives and works in Singapore. “Time of Reality” is his contribution to Rojak the book.

“I believe that life offers us many paths to travel and the number of paths you take add more variety and satisfaction. Although I am a Software Engineer, I do not constrain myself to my profession. Sometimes I am a Writer, sometimes I am a journalist. Sometimes I will stand in front of a camera to make YouTube videos which have gained a bit of following too. Meeting Indira has opened up the greatest path I had the privilege to walk by becoming a social worker. Since then I have contributed to Sahana Sri Lanka with many roles; a teacher, a Co-ordinator, a consultant to name a few. Integrity is an integral part of my life which drives my behaviour in correct manner. I have chosen to make sure that I am content in the Present while having greater plans for a better tomorrow.”

Marie-José Barben

Lawyer & Notary

Marie-Jose kindly offered her volunteer help at the very beginning of the project to first create the status of the association for registration, and to support all activities held in Switzerland.

Bertrand Morend

Bookkeeper at Alpina Fiduciary Services

Working in a well-known fiduciary company in Verbier, Bertrand kindly offered his volunteer services as bookkeeper for the association since its inception in 2005. Since that time, Bertrand is revising the accounts of the NGO once a year.