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Latest News

The Book Project – an initiative to promote entrepreneurship and inspire Sri Lankan millennials
Given my current role at the World Economic Forum, passion for Sri Lanka and number of incredible Sri Lankan rising stars I have come across over the last two years, I took the…

Indira speaks at the Hotel School of Lausanne about Humanitarian work and Luxury
When I graduated in 2010, I never thought I would have the chance to come back to school one day and speak in front of bright and ambitious students like you about my humanitarian…

Immediate relief efforts for those affected by the torrential rains and landslides!
As part of the on-going efforts to help those affected by the current floods in Sri Lanka, Sahana Sri Lanka is partnering with the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Colombo Hub…

The 10 year anniversary booklet
“Sahana Sri Lanka celebrates its 10 year anniversary” Discover the new booklet celebrating 10 years of achievements.

Renovation of an orphanage in Colombo
Sahana Sri Lanka provided financial support to The Sri Lankadhara Society, a Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organisation to fund the renovation of their Infants Home in Colombo.…

The Hotel School of Lausanne, Switzerland raised funds for Sahana Sri Lanka
On May 29th, five students in the final year of their studies at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland (EHL) participated in the Night Marathon of Luxembourg. Running a c…

Sahana Sri Lanka is proud to announce its recent partnership with Foundation of Goodness
Sahana Sri Lanka is proud to announce its recent partnership with Foundation of Goodness, founded by Kushil Gunasekara in 1999 which mission is to empower the less privileged…

In the Press

Small island, big dreams, Daily FT, May 2017 – “It is now in the hands of Millennials to weave the fabric of societal change, and drive innovation in constructing a better world. It is in turn our responsibility to engage, inspire and empower them through education and exposure to life-changing opportunities.”

The Hotel School of Lausanne, Blog, June 2015 - 5 EHL Bachelor Students raise 3'000 CHF for Humanitarian Organization Sahana Sri Lanka

UN Special, The Magazine of International Civil Servant, March 2015 – At 22 she built a village. Today, her focus is on reconciliation.

To Move With "Po", December 2014 – Where are the Heroes?

Le Nouvelliste, Novembre 2009 – Guider vers l'autonomie

La Liberté, December 2006 – Elle a bâti un village à 21 ans

Le Nouvelliste, December 2006 – Une maison, un avenir

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