Computer Training Center

2015 – Hiniduma

 in partnership with Foundation of Goodness 

This initiative can be seen as a major catalyst to bridge the digital divide amongst students of various socio-economic and other geographical barriers and to elevate standards of rural underprivileged children through digital literacy.

The first phase and opening of the Computer Learning Centre was inaugurated in April 2015. 650 children from Mallika Navodya School in Hiniduma, had planned various performances including singing and dancing to entertain their guests during the ceremony. The joy with which these children received their new computer room brings to light the stark contrast in access to technology between the rural and urban sector, and the disparity in the level of education and exposure received by children from cities and villages.

We are confident that the project will provide children with additional learning opportunities, greater access to knowledge and information, which in turns will raise levels of academic achievement in the area. By implementing this initiative, we strive to support all underprivileged children to reach their full potential. After the successful completion of the project’s first phase, we are now working on designing specific courses syllabus enabling them to brush up their skills which will hopefully prove invaluable when entering the competitive job market after graduating from school. Today, 60 students per week can attend the classes. The project is closely monitored through regular follow up, mentoring and training to evaluate its impact on the mid to long-term.