The Hotel School of Lausanne, Switzerland raised funds for Sahana Sri Lanka

On May 29th, five students in the final year of their studies at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland (EHL) participated in the Night Marathon of Luxembourg. Running a combined total of over 60 kilometres, the students took the initiative beyond a purely "physical challenge". They were running to raise awareness and funds for Sahana Sri Lanka's initiative to enhance the quality of education in rural areas of Sri Lanka. The new computer training centre provides children with additional learning opportunities, greater access to knowledge and information, which in turns will raise levels of academic achievement in the area.

The project arose as the students wished to give back to those less fortunate; as such they chose to contribute what they could towards educating the under-privileged. Founded by an EHL alumna, Sahana Sri Lanka seemed the matching NGO to support via their efforts, and after 10 days of intense campaigning via family, friends and the EHL community, the group of students, supported by several other final-year students, were able to raise nearly 3000 Swiss francs. The students have decided that this amount would be donated towards full-year scholarships for 20 talented students at the Mallika School in Hinduma, a rural village located in southern Sri Lanka. All of them, aged between 16 and 18 years old have been selected on their academic achievement, financial need, proactive behaviour and willingness to give back to society.

The EHL students felt that their efforts were small, yet hoped the impact would be big for the talented, deserving children of Sri Lanka.