Renovation of an orphanage in Colombo

Sahana Sri Lanka provided financial support to The Sri Lankadhara Society, a Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organisation to fund the renovation of their Infants Home in Colombo. Thanks to this partial refurbishment, the organization is now able to re-open their doors to the full capacity of 15 children aged between 2 to 5 years old.

Children’s backgrounds
Children are sent to The Sri Lankadhara Society by Probation services, Juvenile Courts. They may be orphans, street children, abandoned children or children whose parents are unable to support them.

The home was in a dilapidated state with water pipe leaks. Bathrooms, kitchen and living areas needed urgent repairs to make the place a comfortable and safe space for all children.

For more information about Sri Lankadhara Society, please visit their website: