Sahana Sri Lanka is proud to announce its recent partnership with Foundation of Goodness

Sahana Sri Lanka is proud to announce its recent partnership with Foundation of Goodness, founded by Kushil Gunasekara in 1999 which mission is to empower the less privileged rural communities, while inculcating the spirit of goodness, so that they may have equal opportunities to excel in life.

As a young boy Kushil felt compassion for the people of his ancestral village in Seenigama (South Sri Lanka), who lacked the facilities to realise their potential despite innate talent and ability. Having become a successful businessman, he faithfully returned to his hometown and with true altruism donated his family property in Seenigama to the establishment of the Foundation of Goodness. The Foundation is based on providing a holistic response to a community’s needs and works to uplift the lives of rural communities through learning and Empowerment. He currently donates his time full-time to its furtherance on a purely voluntary basis.

Indira and Kushil wish to join resources and share their expertise and values to pursue the development of community projects across the island and improve livelihood and educational opportunities for underprivileged children.

“Kushil is a truly genuine, highly dedicated and inspirational soul I have come across on my humane journey. I feel very privileged to collaborate with him and already know that together we will achieve greater heights.”
Indira, Founder and Director Sahana Sri Lanka

“Once I had interacted with Indira it was easy to comprehend why she is so passionate on the subject of serving humanity which to my mind is the best work of life.

She is blessed with impressive characteristics that are foremost for this avenue of expertise being extra kind, generous, humane with a positive attitude and the noble vision of helping those in need to succeed by creating productive pathways.

“Pursuing further on compatible grounds we decided to enter in to a partnership between my charity the Foundation of Goodness and hers Sahana SriLanka to consolidate on our collective strength to do more good for the betterment of those underserved to be empowered for greater prospects.”
Kushil Gunasekera, Founder-Chief Trustee